Future of Work Series | Government Response 2/2

The legacy of Horace Mann’s Common School Movement

Not a leader board, but a mixed bag of policies

Companies and leaders as evolving organisms

Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish known as the Immortal Jellyfish as it can revert from a mature state to start life over again as a polyp

Key facts and what the thought leaders have to say

Dystopians vs Utopians:

I live with trial and error everyday

I planned my son’s delivery like an ancient craftsman lacing together a Samurai armour. But letting go of control and dealing with change in the moment was the biggest lesson I was to learn, as we all must do as technology takes over our work lives, personal lives and spiritual lives.

Gaia Ines Fasso’

Thinking deeply about the topic of future of work — and as a mother, what this means for our children’s journey through education

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